Solo Ads The Only Guide You Need To Read

Solo Ads | The Only Guide You Need To Read

Using a Solo ad is among the most effective and proven ways to market your goods or services. The good thing with it is that, unlike some other forms of digital marketing, not much effort is needed on your end. You only need to pay for it and wait for potential clients and customers to find you. All the groundwork is done for you. Sounds great, right?

Solo Ads | The Only Guide You Need To Read

In this solo ads guide, we will take a look at:

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What is Solo Ads?

What is Solo Ads​

It is pretty much related to email marketing. You most probably know what that is, if not, email marketing involves using email to helps promote your products or services. Usually, you build an email list by asking internet users to subscribe to it. You can then send them regular emails to educate them or promote your products and services.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies, which has been relied upon for many years. However, it is not as effective for everyone, especially if you do not have a large email list. Most times it takes quite some time to build one. That’s where a solo ad comes in.

It is a form of marketing where you approach an individual who has already built an impressively large email list and ask them to create an advertisement in which your products or services are the only one being marketed in that email.

The advertisement contains a link to your website or funnel. The list owner/solo ad seller expresses confidence in your products or services and asks their subscribers to check out what you offer.

Usually, this is someone who specializes in the same niche as you, such that their subscribers are your potential customers.

How to Derive Maximum Benefits from a Solo Ad

Again, not everyone who utilizes a solo ad realizes the expected benefits from it. There are several factors you need to pay attention to gain the most from it, they include:

1. The Email List Owner

First and foremost, find someone in your niche. If their subscribers like their content, they will most probably like what you have to offer. You should also make sure that they are trustworthy and their subscribers’ figure is authentic. This is because there are scammers in the market who are out to get your money through fake email addresses and poor-quality lists.

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to ask lots of questions before committing your hard-earned cash. At the top of the list should be: Do you have some testimonials I can look at? What products or services do you offer? How many subscribers do you have? What is your niche? Could you please give me links to your social media pages? Et cetera

A shady list owner, may take you in circles, or fail to satisfactorily answer these questions. If that’s the case look for someone else.

2. The Subject Line and Ad

These two carry the day. They will determine how successful the solo ad is going to be. You most probably have received some promotional emails and passed upon them after reading only a few words or even lines. To avoid the same fate happening to your solo ad, the subject line and whole ad should be catchy, engaging, and convincing enough for the target audience to click on the provided links.

Usually, the list owner is in charge of writing the subject line and ad. This is part of their package deal. You should, therefore, ask them for samples of ads they have worked on before to ensure you are comfortable with their writing style and how they package an ad. If you are not impressed, you can either write them by yourself or hire a professional to do it then let the list owner email the ad to their subscribers.

3. The Charges

List owners charge based on the number of clicks or impressions you are guaranteed to get. For example, for 1000 impressions, you may get a bill of $250. Alternatively, you may agree on per click charges. Most people prefer the latter, as it shows more interest and has a higher chance of converting.

You, therefore, need to ask the list owner for their charges beforehand and see if it aligns with your budget.

4. Your Niche

It is important to note that not every niche does well in sole ads. Those that are known to be effective include financial, crypto, internet marketing, survival, health, and personal development. If your niche does not appear among these, don’t be discouraged, it may still do well but you need to do thorough research beforehand.

You can begin by searching on google, mailing lists, in your niche, within your locality or region. If few results or nothing at all comes up, it could mean that email marketing is not effective, for your niche, in your area. You may also ask people within your circle if email marketing has worked for them.

5. Test Campaign

Once everything checks out and you are ready to run a Solo ad, it is advisable not to invest all your money at once. First, do a test campaign that targets around 200-500 clicks and watch how it performs. If the results are as expected you can then go ahead and target a larger number of clicks.

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Where to buy solo ads?

Where to buy solo ads

As mentioned above, the list owner you choose to work with matters a lot. They will determine whether your ad will turn out successful or will be a waste of money. There are so many scammers out there so you better exercise due diligence in your search.

One of the most reliable sites where you can land an authentic solo ads provider is at Udimi. It is a platform that connects both solo ad sellers and buyers. The sellers are all screened before joining the platform so you can be sure they are legit. The website is totaly for free to register and what i like most about Udimi is how quickly you get started. Other factors that make Udimi stand out include:

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Affordable Rates

You can obtain ad impressions and clicks to your websites from sellers who offer affordable rates. This is great, especially, if it is your first time exploring this form of marketing.

You don’t want to invest the big bucks only to end up disappointed. Nevertheless, it is advisable that once you establish that the strategy is effective, you go for sellers whose cost-per-click price is higher.

Usually, the higher the price the better email listing you can expect to access.


The platform provides you with a variety of sellers to choose from under one roof. You can compare and contrast to find one who suits your needs best.

Joining the platform is easy and free

  • You only need to provide your name and a legit email address.
  • You can then create an account and get immediate access to the many sellers available on the platform.
  • Payment only comes in when you decide on a seller and want to pay for a solo ad.

Useful Features

The platform provides you with features that make your search for an outstanding seller seamless.

Just to mention a few, there is the filter feature that you can use to see the ratings a seller has received from other buyers and their prices.

Also, payment is made through the platform so there are zero possibilities of getting scammed.

Buyer Protection

From joining the platform to the services they offer, sellers undergo rigorous tests to prove their worth and reliability. You can, therefore, rest easy knowing that what you pay for is what you will get.

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Solo Ads VS Google Ads

Let’s talk First about Solo Ads and as i mentioned earlier in this article, Solo ads become more popular and effective day after day. As far as you know that solo ads basically depends on email listings. And it gives an offer in the mail. Besides, it follows a Google PPC system. Moreover, its good side that you can receive traffic instantly from Solo Ads. It gives just targeted people with low budget money. 

Now let’s switch to Google Ads. Google Ads is one of the most powerful marketing platform from Google, Google Adword gives an actual result, and its keyword planner i can tell you that its so powerful tool help you Discover new keywords, See monthly searches, Determine cost, Organize keywords. It also provides those keywords which are very good to rank in search engines. However, Google Ads’ problem is its budget. It’s high-budget software. If you have not enough budget, then you need to think again. 

Solo Ads VS Facebook Ads

As mentioned earlier in this article, Solo ads become more popular and effective day after day. As far as you know that solo ads basically depends on email listings. And it gives an offer in the mail. Besides, it follows a Google PPC system. Moreover, its good side that you can receive traffic instantly from Solo Ads. It gives just targeted people with low budget money. 

On the other hand Facebook ads offers you tremendous value for money when running your marketing campaigns for generating more leads into your online business. Facebook has a network of over 2-billion monthly users. The chances are that you will find mostly all your customers are already using this platform.

Facebook ads allow you to create an ad set where you can laser-target your prospects. Build your campaign to include all your ideal customer demographics, including age, gender, location, and activities they mostly enjoy.

Facebook ad manager software is incredibly powerful, and also its one of the most popular and effective ways of marketing online. Facebook automatically pushes your ad in front of people that the algorithm thinks are likely to buy from you your product or service you offering depend on your choosen strategies and targeting.

With Facebook Ads, you can start marketing with only a few dollars in your advertising budget. so its a really good fit for small budget businesses.

Solo Ads VS Banner Ads

As mentioned earlier i this article, Solo ads become more popular and effective day after day. As far as you know that solo ads basically depends on email listings. And it gives an offer in the mail. Besides, it follows a Google PPC system. Moreover, its good side that you can receive traffic instantly from Solo Ads. It gives just targeted people with low budget money. 

A banner ad is a visual form of advertising that is placed on a website in order to advertise a service or product. They can be static or animated with a call to action and you will typically be charged for impressions, click-throughs or on a monthly basis by the webmaster.

The banner ads help in increasing the brand identity and about their prices it is cheaper and effective with respect to the sales funnel. There are 3 methods in banner ads:

  1. Cost Per Impression
  2. Cost Per Click 
  3. Cost Per Action 

Best banner ads platforms where you can buy:

  1. Mgid
  2. Taboola
  3. Centro
  4. Propller ads
  5. Rich ads

Final Word

Using solo ads is an effective digital marketing method that attracts and engages your target market. However, for it to be truly beneficial to your business, you need to wisely pick a seller and also create eye-catchy content. It can be an uphill task finding a credible seller considering there are several scammers in the market.

Luckily, platforms such as Udimi take it upon themselves to scrutinize sellers so that you only gain access to legit and reliable ones.

Ps. Only Quality Traffic.

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